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Term 1

So far this term we have been learning lots of fascinating facts about the Stone Age. Did you know that the height of a Woolly Mammoth, from its feet to its shoulders, was over 3.5 metres tall?! 

We have explored the book 'How to Wash a Wooly Mammoth' and the children have been writing their own instructional texts. We are currently reading 'The Stone Age Boy' which is all about a little boy who goes back in time, very exciting! 

Rocks are the main highlight on a Monday afternoon! We are still enjoying lots of show & tell and have even seen some volcanic rock amongst some very beautiful gems and pebbles!

Please keep reading with your child as much as you can and record this in their reading record. They collect housepoints from this and so are very keen to do lots of reading with you!


Our Topic Webs

The topics for the year can be viewed on our Curriculum Page.  A more detailed topic web will be uploaded here.

Term 1: Stone Age to Iron Age

Term 2: Where in the World

Term 3: Ancient Eygypt

Term 4: Rivers and Oceans

Term 5: Amazing Animals

SS Great Britain Trip

Willow Class Learning Exhibition

Term 4 Class Gallery

Here are some photos of some of the things we've got up to in term 4:

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