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Welcome to the school year of 2017-18 in Orinoco Class! Following the long holiday, the children will hopefully feel refreshed and re-energised for the challenges ahead as they return to the classroom. I’m looking forward to working with the Year 4 children for the first time as well as have the opportunity to help the Year 5s move further forward in their learning. With a different grouping from the one we said farewell to in July, we all have a new journey to set out on, and that is an exciting prospect.

Welcome to Orinoco Class

Term 1


In terms of our topic theme, we are starting the year with the Roman Invasion and Romanisation of Britain. I will be setting homework tasks around this theme but in the meantime to help get the most out of the topic, it would be beneficial for your child to do some background study from books and/or online resources. To that end I’ve cited some useful websites in the web links area. It is hoped that we will go on a class visit to a nearby Roman site to help further bring the subject to life and I will of course give you details well in advance of any trip.

Our first theme in Science will be Sound. We will be carrying out plenty of investigations. To help with resources, it would be helpful if your child could bring some items to put into their storage box to be ready for when needed, namely: a yoghurt pot with a nail hole in the bottom, a few elastic bands, a ball of string and a round balloon.

As a rule we will be doing PE at least once a week with initial areas being Dance and Netball. Please can you ensure that your child always has their full PE kit in school. It is planned that the swimming sessions will take place after Easter next year.

As you would rightly expect, reading will be a key focus of the curriculum. In addition to regular guided reading sessions, your child will choose a reading book from the class library or they may choose a fiction book from home. The book should always live in their book bag and be carried from home to school on a daily basis. They will be issued with a reading record through which we can communicate and in which you’ll see comments concerning your child’s progress as well as their own evaluation of what they’re reading. It is intended that each child in the class is heard read by an adult at least once a week. To that end if any parent would like to be involved in 1:1 reading with children on Monday mornings between 9 and 10.30, please see me. Similarly, if any of you feel that you have specific expertise or are interested in offering help in any area of the curriculum please let me know.

In Maths, it is my intention that the children all make good progress in learning their multiplication tables as having speedier and more accurate recall of multiplication and division facts is a foundation upon which many other parts of the subject depend. It would be very helpful if you could encourage your child to learn and practise the times table learning each week. The particular area of learning will be written on the weekly spelling test sheet.

Please do not hesitate to come and see me if there is anything you’d like to discuss. In the meantime, I hope we all enjoy being back in class.

Mr Tanner

Please read about our An Afternoon at War in term 2.