Attendance and Holidays

Please refer to the MultiAcademy Trust Attendance Policy.

If your child is absent through sickness or any unavoidable cause, please could you inform the school by telephone in the first instance. This absence constitutes an authorised absence. A note will be required from you on your child’s return.

Please refer to our communication protocol  for guidelines on how to report a child's absence.

Children enjoy coming to school;
school attendance is above the national average.


Holidays during Term Time

Holidays during term time will not be authorised unless there are very exceptional circumstances and never at the following times:

  • KS1 & KS2 SATS assessments
  • Beginning of KS3 as pupils find it difficult to settle
  • Year 9 Assessments
  • KS4 due to examination preparations.
  • If the pupil should be taking external examinations including GCSE module examinations
  • If attendance is under 94%
  • If there would be more than 10 days holiday in any academic year

If holidays are not authorised, and they are still taken, the matter will be referred to the Children Missing Education Service and a penalty notice requested.

Further details of this (including cost) are included on the BANES Website.


A Leave of Absence Form can be collected from the main school office or downloaded here. This should be completed by the Parents and passed to the Pastoral Team/Classroom Teacher at least two weeks ahead of the holiday. The Pastoral Team/Classroom Teacher will review the attendance and pass to the Headteacher with regard to formal authorisation.

If the holiday is authorised this will be marked in the register and a letter will be sent to that effect.

If the holiday is not authorised the parent will be notified in writing by post.

The Headteacher, will be responsible for overseeing the Penalty Notice Request.