Our Irresistible Curriculum

We recognise that the school’s curriculum comprises of all learning and experiences that we provide in school and offer to our pupils. The national curriculum forms only one part of this and we have embraced the freedom offered to provide children with irresistible learning opportunities.

We offer an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum, ensuring each child develops a lively, creative and curious mind.

The curriculum is underpinned by our school values, and it enables us to create a climate where all children can grow and flourish.

We achieve this in a variety of ways:

  • Engaging contexts and topics for learning. Each half term, as class plans and creates and exhibition of learning showcasing a line of enquiry and the creative work generated as a response.
  • Using different locations e.g. our local copse, our school allotment, visit to the local church and woods alongside wider trips.
  • Making good use of local community and national events e.g. our local horticultural bulb festival in Spring, Remembrance Day, and Children in Need.
  • Offering a wide range of clubs and extended opportunities, such as local sports tournaments, Able Maths days across the Trust.
  • Links with our secondary MAT partners to provide specialist teaching and equipment in French, DT and IT. e.g. Remembrance Project in upper KS2, French Cafe and Spelling Bee in Lower KS2.
  • Providing essential experiences such as Public Speaking competition and themed weeks e.g. ‘Mindfulness and Well-being Week’ and ‘Languages and Cultures Week’.
  • Identifying opportunities within each subject for children to deepen and broaden their skills, knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.

head boy and head girlThrough this curriculum we strive to ensure that each child develops a lively, creative and curious mind. Our intent through this broad and balanced curriculum is for children to have the best possible opportunities to become:

  • Responsible citizens – who make a positive difference within the school, local and wider community. Children are encouraged to be leaders within the school taking on roles such as pupil councillor, house captain and head boy / girl.
  • Confident and creative individuals – who live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. At our inclusive school, progress and well-being of each child is paramount.
  • Successful, independent life long learners – who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve well. Value is placed on the child as a person and citizen, not just a percentage.

Topics are covered on a 2 yearly cycle. More detailed overviews can be found on the class pages:

Cherry   Maple   Willow    Sycamore  Oak

KS 2 Reading Recommendations

Clutton School are excited to share with you our recommended reads for key stage 2 children.

Some are classic stories, some are written by new, inspiring authors. Please explore the lists.

National Curriculum Recommendations for extra reading 

are listed on our Amazon Wish list.  


Years 3 and 4 Recommended Reads

Years 5 and 6 Recommended Reads


[DISCLAIMER:You do not have to buy the  book through Amazon, we just thought it was a simple way to list them]

Curriculum 2018/19

Mastery Curriculum 2014

You can download the New Curriculum Guide for Parents here.


Maths Calculation Policy 


Phonics and Reading Schemes:

    Phonics is taught daily in Reception and Year 1 based on

    the  letters and sounds scheme. 

    See Cherry Class webpage for more information and                           guidance on this. 



Reading books are banded according the national reading book banding system  and contain a variety of schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Songbirds and Project X for more able readers about to embark on chapter books.



Please have a look at our School Policies Page for information regarding Clutton School specific subject guidelines, as well as Trust-wide subject policies and Key Stage Policies for assessment and curriculum.