Our School Staff

For information regarding how best to contact a member of staff, please see our communication flow chart and follow links to our communication protocol here

Name Responsibilities
Miss Elizabeth Ennew Headteacher
  Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Jane Parkes-Cordock Cherry Class teacher
  EYFS leader
Mrs Lucy Cowgill Maple Class teacher
  KS 1 leader
  Subject leader: English; PE; Debating and Public Speaking. Sports coordinator
Mrs Laura Muckley Willow Class teacher
  Subject leader: IT
Miss Louise Douglas Sycamore Class teacher
Ms Christine Orange Oak Class teacher
  KS2 leader
  Subject leader: Maths; DT; Global Learning Partnership; Diversity
  Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Sue Bruegger Specialist Literacy Support
Mrs Helen Morris

PPA Cover

  Subject leader: SMSC/British Values; RE/PSHE; SEAL; SMSC trips and assemblies, History, Geography, French, PE; Community Liaison, Trips
Mrs Shirley-Anne Morgan Teaching Assistant
Mrs Nicola Evans Teaching Assistant
Mrs Juliette Sebright Teaching Assistant
Miss Lisa Fry Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sarah Worle Teaching Assistant
Miss Faye Miller Teaching Assistant
Miss Angela Willcox Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kim Gooding Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lorraine Appleyard OPAL Play Leader
Mrs Mandi Wallis Cook in charge
Mrs Karen Vailes, Mrs Beverley Garrett Catering Assistant
Mrs Wendy Rogers, Mrs Kim Gooding, Mrs Beverley Garrett School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Jill Allen School Administrator
Mrs Mich Wallis Admin Support
Mr Henry Jennings Caretaker
Mr Del Thompson, Mr Henry Jennings Cleaner

E Ennew       



Miss Elizabeth Ennew

Subject leader: DSL 





C Orange   female placeholder   female placeholder   female placeholder   female placeholder

Ms C Orange
Oak Class Teacher

KS2 Leader
Subject leader: Maths; DT; Global Learning Partnership; Diversity


Miss Louise Douglas
Sycamore Class Teacher


 Mrs L Muckley
Willow Class Teacher


Subject leader: IT


 Mrs L Cowgill
Maple Class Teacher

KS1 leader
Subject leader: English; PE; Debating and Public Speaking.
Sports coordinator


Mrs J Parkes Cordock
Cherry Class Teacher

EYFS leader

H Morris   L MacDonald  

female placeholder

      S A Morgan

Mrs H Morris
PPA Cover

Subject leader: SMSC/British Values; RE/PHSE; SEAL; SMSC trips and assemblies


   Mrs L MacDonald
PPA Cover




  Mrs S Morgan
Learning Support Assistant
N Evans   Mrs Sebright   F Miller   L Fry   S Worle
Mrs N Evans
Learning Support Assistant
  Mrs J Sebright
Learning Support Assistant
  Miss F Miller
Learning Support Assistant
  Miss L Fry
Learning Support Assistant
  Mrs S Worle
Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Willcox   K Gooding   Mrs Appleyard   W Rogers   B Garrett
Mrs A Willcox
Learning Support Assistant
  Mrs K Gooding
Learning Support Assistant and 
School Meals Supervisory Assistant

Mrs L Appleyard

OPAL Playworker

  Mrs W Rogers
School Meals Supervisory Assistant
   Mrs B Garrett
School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Mandy   Karen   J Allen      
 Mrs M Wallis
Cook in Charge
    Mrs K Vailes
Catering Assistant

 Mrs J Allen
School Administrator


Mrs M Wallis
Admin Support

  Mrs Sue Bruegger
Specialist Literacy Support 
H Jennings   male placeholder            
 Mr H Jennings
and Cleaner
  Mr D Thompson

Clutton Primary School Local Governing Body

Statutory information about the Local Governing Body composition can be found on the MSNSP Governance website.  Click on the Clutton link under Local Governing Body - Primary

Composition of the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership Local Governing Body

Parent Governors
Up to two parent governors, to be elected by the parents at that school or appointed by the governing body to represent the interests of the parents.

Director Appointed Governors
Up to four director appointed governors are appointed by the directors of the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership (MNSP).

Community Governors
Up to two community governors being persons living or working in the local community of the school or such other persons having an interest in the school.

Staff Governors
Up to one staff member is elected by the staff of the school (excluding the Head teacher).

The Headteacher sits on the school’s LGB by virtue of office.

Governing Body Update

Chair of Governors Annual Report - July 2018

Chair, Paul Smith celebrates the school's success and outlines the Governing Body support for the year ahead. 

Local Governing Body Members

Paul Smith   Liz Ennew   Sue Bruegger       male placeholder
Paul Smith
Chair of Governors
  Elizabeth Ennew
Head Teacher
  Sue Bruegger
SEN Governor
  Kirstie McGough
Safeguarding Governor
  Simon Clemow
Community Governor
Mark Thompson                
Mark Thompson
Director Appointed Governor
  Lucy Cowgill
Staff Governor

Anne Stone

Community Governor

 Mich Wallis                
Mich Wallis
Clerk to LGB

Role of the Governing Body

Governors come from a variety of different backgrounds, reflecting the many interest groups in Clutton Primary School, but they have one important thing in common. They are dedicated to ensuring that all the children in the School have the best possible education at all times. This is the primary focus of all governors.

Clutton Primary School Governors have a wide range of experience, knowledge and competence working effectively as a team making corporate decisions.

Although the work of the governing body is voluntary, it has many responsibilities, but generally it is there to be a critical friend to the school, and to challenge and support the leadership team.

Becoming a Governor

We currently have a vacancy for a Director appointed Governors with experience in education (particularly early years) or finance.

If you are interested in serving the school and wider community as a governor, you will need to contact  the school.

Parent Governors are elected by other parents at the school for a fixed term of 4 years. Parents are advised in writing when a vacancy for a Parent Governor arises. Full details of the criteria and the process for nominations and any election are provided at the time.

Staff Governors are members of the School staff* who are elected by the staffing body (both teaching and non-teaching). 

Community Governors are appointed by the Governing Body to represent community interests or to bring specific skills to the Governing Body.

Director appointed governors are appointed by the Trust. The Trust will appoint governors with a particular skill set required to fulfil the role of the governing body.

*Employees from other Trust schools may be brought in as a director appointed governor , based on a specific skill set. However, a balance of MSNSP employees and non employees will be met.

Local Governing Bodies across the Multi Academy Trust
For information regarding the Midsomer Norton School Partnership Trust board and governing boards in other Partnership Schools, please refer to the Trust website here.

Chair of Governors
Paul Smith paul.smith@msnpartnership.com