Admissions Procedure

Children attend Clutton Primary School between the ages of 4 and 11, entering our Reception class at the start of the academic year in which they become five years old. We recognise that some children will enter school just after their fourth birthday; our admission arrangements are designed to enable each child to settle well and to become confident and happy in school.

We have a gradual induction of children into school over a two-week period in September so that they can become familiar with the adults responsible for their care and education and school routines. At the end of the phased induction period, parents are given an opportunity to meet with their child’s class teacher to discuss whether he or she is ready for full time schooling.

We strive to respond to children’s individual needs; if a child is not ready for full time schooling at the end of the two week induction period, his/her class teacher may suggest gradually increasing the number of full days that a child spends in school until he/she has built up to being full time all week. Children coming part-time will be invited to any special activities that take place in the afternoons.

Getting to Know You
BANES logoOnce offer letters have been sent out, pre-Reception children and their parents are invited into school. Parents are given the opportunity to meet with class teachers and children are able to find out about our Reception classes at our Getting to Know You sessions. A New Parents’ Information Evening is also held in the summer term.

Clutton Primary School Admissions 2023-2024

Clutton Primary School Admissions 2024-2025




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My child really enjoys school and we've seen him really flourish in the time that he has been at Clutton.


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