Pupil Premium Grant (PPG)

What is it?
The Government introduced the Pupil Premium Grant in April 2011, as a means of addressing underlying inequalities between children from low income families who are eligible for free school meals (FSM) and their wealthier peers, by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most. There are three categories of pupils that are eligible:

  • Children who are either currently eligible for FSM or have been eligible for FSM in the past six years;
  • Children who have been looked after by a local authority (in care) continuously for more than six months;
  • Children who have been adopted from care
  • Children of Armed Forces Personnel

How does it benefit children and families?
Pupil Premium is expected to improve the outcomes and participation of FSMs children by closing the attainment gap and accelerating the progress being made by this vulnerable group. The Government decided that it is up to schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility. Schools are accountable for how they have used the funding to support pupils from low-income families and are required to publish this information on-line.

How do I know if we are eligible for funding?
Several of our families already claim for PPG but we know that there are many more of you who are entitled to this funding but due to a variety of reasons have not yet accessed it. We would encourage you to do so even if your child would prefer not to have a free school lunch.

Once registered, we will be able to inform you of other benefits and schemes that become available to you as a result.

If you think that you are eligible for PPG then please look at the School Dinners page and 'Do you qualify for Free School Meals' section for further information and the relevant form.

Together we nurture responsible and well informed citizens, who will make a difference within the community and the wider world.

Pupil Premium Grant at Clutton Primary School

All schools are required to report on the amount of funding received and how this is being used.

2021 -2024

A full report detailing where the allocated money will be spent providing additional provision or resources for pupils to raise attainment and the anticipated impact of that spending, can be read in our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021-2024.  The report is reviewed annually and provision adapted accordingly.

The allocated money will be spent providing additional provision or resources overcoming the following barriers for pupils to raise attainment:

If you wish to find out more about this year’s PPG funding, please do not hesitate to contact the school office or click on the link below for the BANES website.