Learning Outside of The Classroom


"Memorable activities lead to memorable learning."


We know that learning outdoors can positively influence pupils' behaviours and attitudes, and enhance personal, social and emotional development.  

Well planned and resourced learning opportunities enrich the experience of teaching and learning by exciting the children and strengthening team building and communication - necessary lifelong skills.  

Forest School

Both OPAL and forest schools help our pupils to safely develop the lifelong necessary skills of recognising and evaluating risks, in building personal resilience. 

'Resilience is one of our school values'


Forest School at Clutton Primary



these special sessions help children with motor skill development and improved mental health and well-being.  Therefore it is an important part of our nuture support programme.


Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) at Clutton Primary


Our pupils spend between 1-4 years of their primary attendance in play.  We recognise that play is essential for physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual development.  

At Clutton primary we carefully plan opportunities for children to develop through different areas of play, and are very proud to have been awarded the Platinum OPAL award....



Different Types of Play at Clutton:

Trips and Visits

Carefully planned and mapped trips and visits, enrich our school curriculum

By planning trips to the theatre, museums, galleries and wildlife parks, we aim to provide wider opportunities and experiences for all.  These help to address gaps created through social mobility (Social Mobility Commission).  Through our Pupil Premium Funding, eligible pupils have half of all school trips and payable clubs funded.