Safety Documents for School Full Opening

Please see the latest documents issued by the Trust and Clutton Primary School with information about reopening to all children in September 2020 (click on the images to open the links)



Risk assessment for full reopening January 2021

(Jan 2021)

 Site plan for classrooms  and outdoor zones Updated behaviour policy Letter from Miss Ennew with details of lockdown arrangements Jan 2021

Trust-wide communication 

What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term


Pick up and drop off Timetable (subject to change as guidance dictates)


These changes will help to reduce the number of parents gathering in close proximity waiting for classes to come out.  Entrance to the front playground will be through the small pedestrian gate and the exit through the car gate. At this time, can we ask that no dogs come to school or are tied at gates. 

All children will be collected in single classes from the front playground. There are dots for parents to stand on and children will come and find you. You will then need to leave promptly, allowing the next class to be collected. Please wait to enter until a senior member of staff calls you in. If you have siblings, please remain on your dot until all are with you and then leave.

please wear a face covering whilst on our site

If you or your child feels unwell

If you or your child feels unwell, please call or email the school office directly before the start of the school day. Please describe the symptoms your child has and what you are doing - i.e. resting at home, making a doctor's appointment, or in the case of presenting with Coronavirus symptoms, self isolating and arranging for a test.





If you are unsure of what to do in the event of suspected or confirmed symptoms of Coronavirus in your household, please have a look at this quick guide:




Children Well Being

Children Questionnaires

Since returning to full school opening in September 2020, class teachers have completed a well being quetionnaire with all children.  These have helped children to reflect on their experience of returning to school after a long absence, and helps staff to put appropriate nurture and circle times in place.

KS1 Questionnaire KS2 Questionnaire


Results of the Questionnaires

The vast majority of children are feeling positive about their return to school.  Those who are feeling sad, said they will miss time spent with their family and pets, and felt sad saying goodbye to their previous class teacher. 

As part of the DfE catch up funding grant, the school has invested in tools to help deliver a meaningful Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) curriculum. 

Scroll down Our Curriculum page to find out more about how PSHE learning is incorporated in everyday school life throughout your child's time at Clutton Primary School.

If you have any questions about your child's well being following the return to school, please contact the school office.  For more links on family and parent support, please have a look at our Community Links page.


Information for Parents

In this section we will try to address any concerns and questions we all have around Covid-19 and how it affects our school.

If you have any concerns around the school closure please have a look through these questions before contacting the school.  

This page will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

Latest updates from the DfE, The Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership Trust and  Clutton Primary School

- please see documentation listed above 

Is attendance at school compulsory from 1st September?

The risk of COVID is still with us, but the Government advises that it is safe for ALL pupils to return, as long as schools follow the advice and guidance provided. They see it as vital to minimise the longer term impact of the pandemic on children’s education, well-being and wider development. Therefore, full time attendance is mandatory for all children of school age. We understand that some of you may feel anxious about this, and so we will share updated risk assessments and guidance for you to look at.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions regarding your child/children.

How do I contact the school?

Please do not enter the school building. It is essential that external visitors are kept to a bare minimum so that our strict cleaning and monitoring regimes can be monitored.

This will be reviewed as guidance changes.

See Contact page for information on how to contact the school office.

The school office will be manned during the school day, Monday to Friday.

You can leave a voicemail for the office to pick up at any time, or send us an email at

Class Teacher Contact

Teacher's direct email was shared for the purpose of distance learning only.  Please revert back to the normal communication channels as defined in our communication protocol - see Information for Parents page

Does my child have to wear full uniform?

We will be asking all children to wear full school uniforms in September, as we know uniforms can play a valuable role contributing to the welcoming ethos of our school, and helps set expectations for routines and behaviour.

A polite reminder that jewellery, apart from small stud earrings, is not to be worn and long hair needs to be tied back at all times. Extreme haircuts/ Jojo bows and trainers are not part of our school uniform - guidance can be found on our uniform page if you are unsure.

On PE days, children can wear PE clothes (Jogging bottoms/ school house colour t- shirt/ hoodie/trainers) for the day, to stop the need for changing (see PE days for Term 1 under class headings)

Where Can I find my child's timetable and ideas for learning?

Timetables, class specific google site, point of contact and ideas for learning can be found on the class pages.  


Where Can I find information about what my child is learning throughout the year?

  • For a general overview of learning throughout the year. have a look on Our Curriculum page for a list topics and objectives of what each year group is learning.

Drop off / Pick up details:

  • We politely request that you respect your own and other's safety by wearing a face covering for the school drop off and pick up.
  • It is currently still not safe for staff if parents gather and talk in the playground or outside of the school gates, and so we politely ask you to follow these safety arrangements.
  • When possible, children should enter school by themselves and go straight to the classroom.
  • We have staggered times of both drop off and collection to avoid bottlenecks at doors, in the playground and on narrow pavements outside of the school. See timetable above
  • When waiting, please remain 1-2 metres away from others, and when you have your child please leave the school site through the pedestrian gate.
  • Please try and keep to these timings to help support social distancing for our pupils and staff. This will be helped if parents strictly adhere to time slots and leave straight away.
  • From September, pupils will not be able to enter the school site before their allotted time.
  • ALL parents must wait outside of the main gate to be called through by a member of staff.

We have visited a country on the UK's quarantine list over the summer holidays. 

  • If you have visited a country on the UK's quarantine list over the summer holidays, please follow the government advice around quarantine, and do not enter the school site during the self isolation period.
  • Please contact the school as soon as possible to notify us of self isolation. 
  • See here for list of countries exempt from the quarantine list


Will I still be able to book a school dinner for my child(ren)?

The school will be able to offer a school dinner for children in EYFS and key Stage 1 (Cherry, Maple and Willow Class), as well as for any eligible free school meal children in KS2.

This can be done in the usual way on ParentPay


Where will children be eating lunch and playing during breaks?

All lunches will be eaten in bubbles in their classrooms.  

Each bubble is allocated a section of the playground, which will be rotated on a weekly basis, allowing for sanitising in between.


Lunchtime meals scheme for means tested entitlement to Free School Meals

  • The EdenRed voucher scheme will no longer be running. Children entitled to means tested free school meals in KS2, will have the option of a school dinner



As the single most effective way to stay safe, we will continue prioritising hand washing for all children and staff.

Each room has additional cleaning equipment, including soap and anti bac hand gel.

Following government guidelines we will remind children of the benefits of good hygiene, and the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.

Please continue to re-enforce this with children at home.

Revised School Rules and Routines

Please can you make sure your child is familiar with good hygiene procedures (especially good thorough handwashing) and the necessity for following school rules on social distancing.

The school’s behaviour policy clarifies expectations regarding this and sanctions if children so not follow these.

Thank you for your support here

Additional Support

Should any family be affected by the coronavirus outbreak (eg lost employment) please contact Welfare Support (01225 477277), your social worker or other support network for assistance with support, advice and Foodbank Vouchers - vouchers issued by such organisations will be fulfilled for adults as well as children, while stocks of food last.

In addition, the Future Bright Programme has been able to temporarily widen their eligibility criteria so they can work with those who have lost pay or work due to the COVID-19 crisis.  They are offering:

  • over the phone/ Skype support for up to 3 months
  • Support to help participants begin looking for new or additional employment.
  • Access to short-term training to improve skills and enable participants to move quickly to secure work opportunities of either a temporary or permanent nature

To find out more about the programme and sign up contact: Phone 01225 395555  /  Email  /  Website

The recent Trust letter has a list of other support services which may be of help to you.


see this letter for an update to the foodbank service during this time.

Fire Safety at home


whilst we are at home more, the risk of fire is increased.  The NFCC have issued this safety poster

Local job centre information

Find your nearest job centre


My child or a member of our household is showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Covid-19 Symptoms Staff and children should not attend school if they have symptoms or are self-isolating due to symptoms in their household.

If your child were to become unwell at school they would need to be collected promptly.

If you are concerned that your child or anyone in your household is showing symptoms of Covid-19, please follow the NHS guidelines, and the Test and Trace guidelines

1. Isolate: as soon as you experience coronavirus symptoms, medical advice is clear: you must self-isolate for at least 7 days. Anyone else in your household must self-isolate for 14 days from when you started having symptoms

2. Test: order a test immediately at or call 119 if you have no internet access.  If you are unable to access testing, please let the school know immediately and we may be able to help. 

3. Results: if your test is positive, you must complete the remainder of your 7-day self-isolation. Anyone in your household must also complete self-isolation for 14 days from when you started having symptoms.

If your test is negative, you and other household members no longer need to self-isolate.


4. Share contacts: if you test positive for coronavirus, the NHS test and trace service will send you a text or email alert or call you with instructions of how to share details of people with whom you have had close, recent contact and places you have visited

  • In line with government guidance, any family testing positive for Covid-19 will be advised to follow self isolation for 14 days.  


What if a child or someone in their family shows symptoms of the virus whilst on the  school site?

  • The school will continue the same procedure as it has throughout the pandemic.  See page 19 of the above Risk Assment ' Response to Infection' for details. 
  • The child will be isolated, and must be collected promptly. (see advice above)
  • Please be reminded of the signed home school agreement, and discuss any concerns directly with the school.



Coronavirus testing eligibility and how test and testing kits work

Anyone in England showing symptoms of coronavirus who has to leave the home to go to work, or is aged 65 and over, is eligible for testing along with members of their households with symptoms. This is in addition to all essential workers with symptoms.

Guidance on coronavirus testing, including who is eligible for a test, how to get tested and the different types of test available can be found here:

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has published guidance for members of the public and patients about coronavirus tests and testing kits, including information on the different types of tests available and how they work.

The guidance can be found here: