If your child is unwell, please :

  • Call, email or come into the school office before 9am each day of absence
  • Please leave your child’s name, class and a clear description of their illness (it’s important for us to track any occurring illness in a class / year group)

What will happen if your child's attendance starts to fall below 96%?

  • If a child’s attendance falls below 96% we will analyse all absences and when attendance falls below 93%, the school will contact parents/carers by letter at the end of each term

  • Parents/carers are asked to call or email the school office by 9am if their child will be absent that day (there is an option to press 1 and leave a message). Failure to notify the school about the absence will result in it being marked as unauthorised

  • Children who have 10 unauthorised absences (5 days) or more within 100 days will be referred to the Education Inclusion Service and a penalty notice will be requested (this could be 5 days in a row, or 5 days spread out over a period of up to 100 days) which will probably result in a fine. 

  • Children whose attendance falls below 85% will be referred to the Education Inclusion Service (subject to individual circumstances)

We understand that there are many reasons why a child’s attendance might fall below 96% during the school year. However, we have a duty to inform you by letter that their attendance is being monitored. As always, we are keen to work with you to support your child’s attendance at school and are always happy to meet with you to discuss ways to move forward.

To avoid a penalty notice request from the Local Authority, please ensure that family holidays are not booked during term time. We are only able to authorise absences during term time in very exceptional circumstances and so most family holidays taken in term time will result in a penalty notice request.

Please ensure that this message is passed on to any other carers or family members who may be booking holidays for next year. The term dates are published on our term dates page and school calendar.