Our Irresistible Curriculum

We recognise that the school’s curriculum comprises of all learning and experiences that we provide in school and offer to our pupils. The national curriculum forms only one part of this and we have embraced the freedom offered to provide children with irresistible learning opportunities.

"What a fabulous way to encourage a lifelong love of books in our Key Stage 2 pupils"

read about the KS2 visit to the bookbarn here



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Topics are covered on a 2 yearly cycle. More detailed overviews can be found on the class pages:

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We offer an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum, ensuring each child develops a lively, creative and curious mind.


Phonics and Reading Schemes:


    Phonics is taught daily in Reception and Year 1 based on

    the  letters and sounds scheme. 

    See Cherry Class webpage for more information and guidance on this. 



Reading books are banded according the national reading book banding system  and contain a variety of schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Songbirds and Project X for more able readers about to embark on chapter books.


Year 6 Reading Buddies

KS2 Visit to the Bookbarn - Term 6 2019


Clutton School Challenge Readers - Bookbarn Visit



Who knew that the Darwin antiquarian book room in Bookbarn International was named in memory of the great, great, grandfather (Charles Darwin, author of ‘On the Origin of Species’) of the owner, William Pryor.   This was just one of the many things we learned on our recent visit there.

Clutton Primary School has  ‘Able Reader’ groups in Key Stage 2.  At present we have 20 pupils who read from a ‘Challenge Reading’ selection of books bought in for this purpose.  Not only do they read these books but they also complete a challenge sheet after each finished book.  They have been so enthusiastic throughout the year that we wanted to reward them in some way. 

A trip to Bookbarn International was arranged and Emma the manager there, warmly welcomed us.


 We were treated to a tour around the interior, viewing the books from above   and seeing row upon row and crate upon crate of books of every size and   design under the sun!  We saw the team cataloguing and distributing the   incoming titles, the wall of items that had been left in books as bookmarks   (cats were a prominent theme) and the Darwin Room.


The children were fascinated to locate the most expensive book (£999) and the oldest (1645) a huge braille book and pouring over faded photographs and  illustrations.  We followed this with a drink and a super cupcake from their ‘Full Stop Cafe’ and finally got to choose a book each to take away.


We finished our morning with a bus ride back and although the bus was late, most of our children were by this time sitting in the bus stop reading their new books, followed by a pleasant summer stroll back to school.  


I would like to thank Mrs Sebright and the mums who came with us to help and to Emma and the Bookbarn for making our trip so memorable.  We all  enjoyed every moment of our visit.  What a fabulous way to encourage a lifelong love of books in our Key Stage 2 pupils. 

Mrs Morgan - Learning Support


KS 2 Reading Recommendations

Clutton School are excited to share with you our recommended reads for key stage 2 children.

Some are classic stories, some are written by new, inspiring authors. Please explore the lists.

National Curriculum Recommendations for extra reading 

are listed on our Amazon Wish list.  


Years 3 and 4 Recommended Reads

Years 5 and 6 Recommended Reads


[DISCLAIMER:You do not have to buy the  book through Amazon, we just thought it was a simple way to list them]

Mastery Curriculum 2014

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