OPAL Project

Outdoor Play and Learning for Schools

"Playtimes are better with OPAL - OPAL supports primary schools to dramatically improve the quality of day-to-day play times, with a consequent beneficial impact on lunchtime behaviour, engagement, learning, personal development and physical activity/literacy."

Clutton Primary School are excited to be part of this learning opportunity and look forward to joining with you in this partnership of discovery.

To visit the OPAL website click here, or watch this short you tube video for more information.

OPAL at Clutton Primary School:

AIM:  Every child to be engaged in play, building their own worlds and directing their own actions.

AIM: To provide playful, self directed experiential learning.

AIM: 20% of schooltime is play.  This equates to 1 day of the school week, or 1.2 - 1.4 years of time at primary school.

OPAL helps support schools and staff in making that 20% of the day 100% better.

Our OPAL Team: 

Lucy Cowgill   Lorraine Appleyard  

Lucy Cowgill

Play Leader


Lorraine Appleyard

Play Coordinator

Kirstie McGough
OPAL Governor


"A happy brain is a neural condition in which it is more able

to create new pathways and therefore learning"  OPAL

Forest School Launch 2019

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the forest school

 launch at the end of Term 4 

- we all had such a great time and we hope you did too.

Please click here to see our gallery of pictures below from the day.

We look forward to sharing more forest school developments with you soon. 




The OPAL team have been teaching the children some dance routines this week.  Click the photo below


OPAL Assembly Term 2 2018

Today we had an assembly about OPAL in our school.

It reminded us how much fun we have at lunchtimes; it doesn't really feel like learning!

Click on the image to see the presentation:    


Lunchtime Play

A New Sandpit


With money raised by the tireless efforts of the school PTFA and school community, volunteers, staff and children have worked so hard in bringing the sandpit project to life.  

Last week the children enjoyed playing in the new area for the first time.   

This is another step forward in the OPAL project plan.  Well done everyone. 

Changing Landscape

"I think I enjoyed it more than the children!! "

Clutton Play Guidelines

Have a look at our school Play Policy, guided by the OPAL scheme.