Accessing Remote Learning

All classes from Year 1 to Year 6 will be using the Google Classroom application to access home learning.

please see these guidelines on how to log into the google classroom, as well as some guidance on safety whilst using the internet for Google Meets and remote learning.  We've also put together a troubleshooting page for some common complications people have experienced.


If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can quickly scan documents or images using the NOTES app.  click the image link for a quick YouTube video on how to do this.


If you have any issues with accessing the google classroom please contact the school office

CPS Jan 2021

Devices for Home Learning

You can access the google classroom via the RmUnify launchpad or directly via a googleclassroom app. Laptops or tablets seems to work best (rather than a phone), or you cna use a PS4 or XBOX.

Please contact the school office if you a struggling to find a suitable device 




Links to online learning

Here are some links to online learning resources which may help support the learning set by class teachers:

BBC Bitesize Learning Schedule

this is a link to the CBBC bitesize learning in lockdown schedule.  this is updated each week.

click on the image link to find the latest schedule for Primaries



Reading At Home Links

click on the image link for some reading at home links 





 The Oak Academy have launched a virtual school library in partnership with @literacy_trust. click on the image link to find out more about the literacy trust and FREE reading resources